Bringing Together the Women Across the Contour Venture Partners Portfolio

Last week Movable Ink hosted a terrific event organized by Matt Gorin and Bob Greene, partners at our lead investor, Contour Venture Partners.

The goal of the event was to bring together senior women from across the Contour Portfolio with remarks by Sallie Krawcheck, who is part of the Contour family as founder and CEO of Ellevest, a new digital investment platform for women.

Contour2The breakfast included women from an impressive array of companies including Bounce Exchange, Contently, Datadog, Dstillery, Estimize, LeagueApps, OnDeck, Pendo, ShopKeep, Source3, TipIQ and Voxy – representing every functional vertical from CX to data science to HR to CEO among others.


Recurring themes from the discussion included how to overcome the challenges of recruiting for early stage startups in a competitive job market, how to grow as a manager and leader with little structure and resources and how to support a burgeoning female employee population at our respective growing companies. Contour1

It was a very boisterous and lively 90 minute session to say the least and in a testament to the super engaged women there the group agreed that at a minimum we immediately needed a LinkedIn group to keep the dialogue going and to meet in person again on a regular basis.


Photos by Lindsay Dadic-Underwood

Distilling our mission


When we kicked off Movable Pink we were hoping to do some meaningful things to help women at MI.  Now we are a much larger organization of women here at MI, we took the time to refine our mission to help guide our programming in 2016.

Our mission is:

To be a meaningful resource to the women of Movable Ink for their professional and personal development; to encourage and support women in the greater digital marketing / tech ecosystem; to foster meaningful relationships with the community at large.

To this end we have a great roster of events aligned around this mission.  They include:

  • Lunch series between women at MI to connect women across cross functional teams
  • External speaker series (open to all employees)
  • Professional development workshops on topics from everything on work mindfulness to improving coding skillsIMG_1554
  • Community service – MI has a long history of supporting groups like Girls Who Code, so we are looking forward to getting our own service commitment in place this year
  • Book club focussed on professional development
  • Broader networking events with women in the startup, tech and digital marketing community

We have a terrific committee of 10 women planning and managing these events and a lot of support from our leadership and board, so we are really excited to execute these programs and continue to cultivate the terrific women of Movable Ink.


Kicking Off 2016

To kick off the new year, the ladies of Movable Pink hosted a meet-and-greet to relax and get to know our new members (our team is growing so quickly!).

Of course, we had some amazing wine and cheese (pictured below), but we also had the opportunity to bounce around programming ideas for 2016.

Wine and Cheese

We discussed having internal (and external) speakers, workshops on technical skills, hosting more networking opportunities within the greater tech community, and a book club. If you have any thoughts or ideas, let us know in the comments!

Announcing Movable Pink

This Spring we officially launched Movable Pink, our women’s employee network, as an important part of cultivating and nurturing the terrific group of women here at Movable Ink.

In that time our wonderfully active planning committee has planned three all company munch and learns, a fireside chat with one of our lead investors, Christine Heron from Intel Capital, and a calendar of terrific upcoming programs and events.  Last Wednesday we took Movable Pink public with the first external event, in the form of a networking cocktail party for women in Digital Media and Tech.

There has been a lot of ink spilt on the topic of women in digital media and tech, but those of us on the Client Experience team get to work in close collaboration with hundreds of incredibly talented women who are our clients and partners on a weekly basis – and we see no shortage of terrific women doing fantastic things within and on behalf of their companies.

So to that end we wanted to host our first external event by celebrating this terrific cohort of women and bring them together to meet face to face.  We also invited some startups that run their own women’s employee networks who we hope to partner with on future events and programming in the future.

By all accounts it was a really fun event and as is often the case when you bring dozens of smart interesting women together, lots of great discussions were had and connections were made.  Here are some great pictures of the event Movable Pink Networking Cocktail Party for Women in Digital Media and Tech.


The Movable Pink Team