Bringing Together the Women Across the Contour Venture Partners Portfolio

Last week Movable Ink hosted a terrific event organized by Matt Gorin and Bob Greene, partners at our lead investor, Contour Venture Partners.

The goal of the event was to bring together senior women from across the Contour Portfolio with remarks by Sallie Krawcheck, who is part of the Contour family as founder and CEO of Ellevest, a new digital investment platform for women.

Contour2The breakfast included women from an impressive array of companies including Bounce Exchange, Contently, Datadog, Dstillery, Estimize, LeagueApps, OnDeck, Pendo, ShopKeep, Source3, TipIQ and Voxy – representing every functional vertical from CX to data science to HR to CEO among others.


Recurring themes from the discussion included how to overcome the challenges of recruiting for early stage startups in a competitive job market, how to grow as a manager and leader with little structure and resources and how to support a burgeoning female employee population at our respective growing companies. Contour1

It was a very boisterous and lively 90 minute session to say the least and in a testament to the super engaged women there the group agreed that at a minimum we immediately needed a LinkedIn group to keep the dialogue going and to meet in person again on a regular basis.


Photos by Lindsay Dadic-Underwood

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